Rest in peace David.

Voiceovergy joins the entire Advertising Community in extending its deepest condolences to the family and employees of the late David King.

David, a long standing advertising man, never failed to remain optimistic in the line of his profession. He was good at heart, had a candid sense of humor and always brought joy and laughter to the people around him.

His contribution to advertising in Guyana will forever be remembered.

Rest in peace David. Now is your chance to crack some jokes in heaven (and if you get the time, put in a good word for your other Advertising Fellows down here, will you?).

:: sharon

7 thoughts on “Rest in peace David.”

  1. I am the husband of David’s cousin, Maryanne (nee Adamson). I remember with great joy the sense of humour and optimism of David. We drove from Georgetown to Boa Vista together some three years ago. He was always larger than life and was ever ready to help anyone.

    He joined us in Barbados for a few days last month and our last rememberance of him will be his normal jovial, thoughtful self.

    He will be sadly missed.

  2. That’s wonderful to hear Nigel. Knowing David, he would have preferred to be remembered in the most light-hearted way we can manage.

    Thank you for your comment and also for sharing your fondest memories of David.

  3. I am so sorry to learn of David’s passing. I worked with David on many projects when I was at Geddes Grant. David taught me my first lessons in marketing and was my first real contact in the Advertising Business.
    He was instrumental in helping to market the Fernleaf brand as a household name throughout Guyana and was a big part of the Fernleaf Children’s Parade at Masramani. Thanks David for all that you did for us when you were alive. Rest in Peace!

    Alwyn Appiah

  4. Thank you for sharing Alwyn. You are right, I do remember some of the work you guys produced together back then. I was a Rookie in those days… and a very observant one at that, haha.

    I often enjoyed heated debates with David on the subject of Advertising. At the end, we both left each other laughing out loud and on occasion; a tad bit smarter, having learnt something new from the exchange.

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