Tips – updated

Your marketing mix:

  • There are effective alternatives for those who do not have a large advertising budget. Alternatives like direct marketing, strategic alliances and public relations. Explore them. There’s no rule that says that you have to have a TV ad.

Media planning:

  • Discuss your media schedule’s content with your agency. Question why they’re advertising on particular programs. Ensure it’s the kind your target audience is watching.
  • It also helps to talk to a few people in the range of your target group. Ask them which programs they watch. What times they listen to the radio? Do they even read the newspapers? That sort of thing. You’d be surprised how much you will pick-up in the absence of hard research data.
  • And please for goodness sakes, don’t advertise with every John Blow that has a call in program. Regardless of whether he’s a friend, or a friend of a friend. You’re wasting money in the majority of cases.
  • Viewers of most call in programs do not have the money to buy your products. Someone else makes their purchasing decision. Target them instead. Especially in the case of high cost consumer products.

Brand packaging:

  • Invest in attractive packaging when it comes to consumer goods. It calls-out to your customer at your most crucial point of the sales process – just when they’re about to buy.
  • During the package design demo process with your agency, go out and buy a few of your competitors’ products and line them up next to a demo of your proposed package. See how it competes visually before you send off those designs to the printer.
  • Once you have improved your package to a level that’s competitive, stick with it. Avoid the seemingly strategic practice of having different labels for different markets, e.g., one for Guyana and another for export. You hinder your chances of easily becoming a global brand and you miss out on volume discounts for your label’s printing.


  • Never, ever communicate using ‘creoles dialogue’. It portrays your brand as ‘empty-headed’ and further, it fosters a level of ignorance by encouraging our people to speak badly. There always comes a time when ads like that, shop being funny and starts being annoying. This is not a smart scenario to subject brands to.

:: Check back. This page is constantly updated.

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