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Is your ad agency really on your side?

It's my view that most advertising agencies in Guyana, don’t really care about building their clients' brands or generating sales for their products. They merely collect your money (sometimes premium amounts at that), only to return poor creative work. Work that often lacks sales strategy and the simple ability to convince your customers to buy.

Do you know how to tell if you're being ripped off? If you believe you are, send me your scenario, without openly mentioning the agency’s name. There are things you can do today to start getting value for your money.


4 thoughts on “Is your ad agency really on your side?”

  1. We own a company in the US and we were looking at opening an outlet here in Guyana and some of the other Caribbean islands.

    Our company has a strong believe in supporting the local human resources of the countries we venture into. As a result, I was led to speak with a few ad agencies in Guyana about our PR here. Three agencies that were highly recommended by some Guyanese business associates of mine.

    What an experience! I was surprised these people were even allowed to own agencies. They knew nothing of substance. Even though I kept saying that our company needs PR in the first phase, they kept ignoring that and trying to force television ads on us. For a company that hadn’t even opened yet.
    They just kept referring to their portfolio of video products. Which only served to amaze me at the level of amateurism they were proud of.

    Not impressed Guyana.

  2. Ooh Andy. I’m so sorry you had an unfavourable experience. But that’s the culture here. Not everyone with a glorified ad agency knows much about PR. We may even argue whether they know much about advertising to begin with.

    I tell you what. Email me at I can put you on to some really good chaps. Qualified PR practitioners right here in Guyana. They have strong ties to the media and they know their stuff. That is of course if you choose not to tap into my expertise instead.

    Good luck with your new venture and welcome to Guyana.

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